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The #1 search engine tip is having a great domain name.  Register a name using your key words.
Using Microsoft FrontPage Shared Borders can increase load times.  You can use the "Include" web component under <Insert> and build your own shared borders. The top navigation on this web site was built once and is "included" in every page.
To convert a color to its hexadecimal equivalent: Use the Windows calculator in the "Scientific" mode.  Enter the 3-digit decimal color from your photo or paint program and change the view from "dec" to hex." You will need to convert the Red, Green and Blue factors to obtain the needed 6 digits for your web site.
Purchase several names using your key words and point them all at your website. 
Consider a small 3-6 page website for different areas of your business.  Example:  If you sell bicycles, you might build separate sites for children, trail, exercise and professional style bikes. Each sight would have a site specific domain name.  Link the 4 sites to your main company site.  You now have 5 different sights to promote.
To decrease the load time for your viewer do not build your entire page inside a single table.  Your page top or header should be in a separate table or no table at all.  As your viewer clicks through your site, the top section will load immediately each time as it is still in your computer's memory.
Development Notes:  A working list of questions that your webmaster will need to consider as your site is developed.  What is actually going to be on each page?

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